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Not Travelling at Speed: Bubbling — 11.24.2015 by kju
So I am lying on the treatment bed, under orders to try and relax, but the entire time I am contorted, attempting to refrain from crying out in pain (don’t want to scare the other patients) and trying to stop my arms from swinging a protective punch at the physiotherapist.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 11.19.2015 by planetmort
A new dog and an emergency appendectomy.
Chaos Attraction: Weird Things About The Movie of 1776 — 11.11.2015 by Jennifer
A good what, 20 minutes of this 2.5 hour musical is devoted to getting Thomas Jefferson LAID so he'll actually get some writing done.
Chaos Attraction: Welcome to Night Vale — 11.4.2015 by Jennifer
I just wanted to say that I have now attended a live showing of Welcome to Night Vale, and it was cool beans.
Not Travelling at Speed: Gazelles, or learning from the professionals — 11.3.2015 by kju
I was flicking channels on Sunday morning, and came across the Melbourne Marathon broadcast. I love watching the fast people. I’m not one of the fast people, and I am comfortable enough with that to say that even with some serious effort, I probably still won’t be fast. I’ll be faster, yes, but I won’t be one of them. The human gazelles.
Chaos Attraction: Halloween Weekend — 11.2.2015 by Jennifer
it was a Star Wars theme with cutouts and a spaceship in the lawn, a perennially running slideshow of Star Wars videos, a remote control droid created out of car parts and Dollar Store merchandise in five hours (!!!), and a lit-up cantina area with candy and booze.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 10.29.2015 by blau
(Making lemonade from sweat and sheep and weevil food.) Did I play the Dead Mum card effectively? DO YOU FEEL GUILTY ENOUGH?!
Megan knows arse-all about... — 10.27.2015 by blau
(Polymers.) But I have other candidates that also need to be investigated, sticking-wise:
Still Waters Run No Mills — 10.21.2015 by planetmort
Rest in peace, Daisy.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 10.21.2015 by planetmort
Not Travelling At Speed: Got form — 10.19.2015 by kju
I explained that I wasn’t there for a second opinion; that I thought the diagnosis was correct, and the treatment has been successful, once I stopped running and just let the inflammation die down and the disc to settle. What I was to see Lauren for was the why. Why did I get what felt essentially like the same injury twice? What can I do to stop it happening again, and perhaps; how can I become a better runner?
Megan knows arse-all about... — 10.8.2015 by blau
(Where this came from.) Frustration and anger can only get you, and your ’cause’ so far. You want better? Do better. Be better.
Chaos Attraction: Four Festival Weekend — 10.5.2015 by Jennifer
I went to four festivals this weekend. This is a little hectic.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 10.2.2015 by blau
(Information.) It’s been a long time, but I have forgiven her, even though thinking about it still makes me very angry and very, very sad sometimes.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 09.24.2015 by planetmort
My cat is still old.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 09.19.2015 by blau
(Evolution.) The ability to communicate, and quickly disseminate, that Grok had tracked a giant Wildebeest herd, that Nadeli had disappeared after wandering into a cave, or that Chad discovered that drinking rotten berry goo made you merrier was super beneficial.
Chaos Attraction: Improv Jam #7 — 09.18.2015 by Jennifer
"My bra is paper mache and you can hit it with a stick."
Chaos Attraction: Getting Lost in Cameron Park — 09.16.2015 by Jennifer
let’s just say I’m amazed at that dude’s nerve for doing that particular activity with his mom in the front row.
Chaos Attraction: Improv Lab 3 and Improv Jam — 09.16.2015 by Jennifer
“Mike’s in vice, he’s really gotten into the role...”
Megan knows arse-all about... — 09.1.2015 by blau
(Sonic legumes.) There are no dangerous metronomes on the savannahs.
Chaos Attraction: Improv 201 Graduation Performance: I Didn't Know What That Chair Thing Was... — 08.31.2015 by Jennifer
“You got your husband pregnant in the game of Life?”
Chaos Attraction: Sue Grafton — 08.31.2015 by Jennifer
She has no idea how it's going to end otherwise or if Kinsey will ever end up with any guy—the character has a mind of her own and Sue just chronicles it all.
Chaos Attraction: Improv 201, Week 8: The Beautiful Ballet Of The Breach — 08.31.2015 by Jennifer
“Always edit in rummaging around your wife's vagina.”
Still Waters Run No Mills — 08.26.2015 by planetmort
The more things change, the more they change.
Chaos Attraction: An Entry About Improv — 08.25.2015 by Jennifer
It's so stereotypically damn FEMALE of me to feel like I need to back down or back off when someone--let's face it, a dude--enthusiastically jumps in.
Chaos Attraction: Watching the Hugos — 08.25.2015 by Jennifer
“This year you could be bitten by a rabid marmot, or some random man could come up to you singing Hare Krishna...”
Chaos Attraction: Weekend Show Reviews — 08.25.2015 by Jennifer
“Do you know how hard it is for girls to aim? You’re welcome!”
Chaos Attraction: Improv 201, Week 7: All I Needed Was To See Jesus — 08.25.2015 by Jennifer
“If you're dirty, you better be smart and dirty."
Chaos Attraction: The Twelve Dates Of Christmas — 08.17.2015 by Jennifer
Chaos AttractIon: The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical — 08.17.2015 by Jennifer
Songs in this include “Christmas In My Mobile Home,” “Christmas Is For Dummies,” “Twelve Days of Amnesia,” “Christmas Leather Love,” and “Black and Blue on Christmas Eve.”
Chaos Attraction: Improv 201, Week 6: It's Like Choreographed Chaos For 3 Minutes — 08.14.2015 by Jennifer
"Snorting coke and bathrooms reminds me of finals week..."
Chaos Attraction: Aftermath Meeting #2 — 08.14.2015 by Jennifer
I did like someone’s quote of “Since it was a drill I wasn’t sure at what point we “knew” something was wrong.” GOOD POINT.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.13.2015 by blau
(Haze.) I'd sit in the hallway of the community centre-ish bit of the church building, hoping that just being next to a stained glass window would be holy enough.
Chaos Attraction: Aftermath Meeting — 08.12.2015 by Jennifer
“Thank you to our colleagues for saving our lives because they died.” (More discussion of shooting.)
Chaos Attraction :Improv 201, Week 5: An Orchestra No One Is Conducting — 08.11.2015 by Jennifer
“It’s like a Back to the Future helicopter.”
Chaos Attraction: Getting Shot At — 08.11.2015 by Jennifer
“In my mind I want to be a superhero, but not so much.”
Chaos Attraction: Well, You Might Get A Good Story Out Of It.... — 08.11.2015 by Jennifer
So the armed shooter event is happening tomorrow and...I'm nervous about it.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.5.2015 by blau
(Zestiness.) From today’s ‘Megan Problems’ files:
Chaos Attraction: Improv 201, Week 4: You Didn't Even Sniff My Butt — 07.31.2015 by Jennifer
“You'd probably have to hump him, is what I'm saying.”
Chaos Attraction: Trainwreck — 07.31.2015 by Jennifer
LeBron James is delightful and hilarious and who knew he had it in him? Downton Abbey watching, cheapskate bill payer who doesn’t wanna end up like MC Hammer (well, who does?), fervent pimper of Cleveland, plays the “best friend” role perfectly.
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