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Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.30.2014 by blau
(Quality time with Photoshop.) They don’t have time for strangers or socialising, preferring to attend to their official cat business. (mostly a photo post.)
Quite Contrary: Due Date Anniversary — 08.27.2014 by maryann
One year ago today was my due date. We've got awhile to go yet before we get to the birthday, but we've reached the due date.
Awfully Chipper: Your Kindle won't do this — 08.27.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Sorting through used books is an eye-opener.
Quite Contrary: Earthquake — 08.24.2014 by maryann
Holy smokes, it was an earthquake. I have lived here for nearly six years and this was the first one I've felt.
Awfully Chipper: So what did we learn this summer? — 08.24.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Maybe we didn't learn so much about Einstein or do as many chores as we'd planned to, but the lessons of the summer will pay dividends in the coming school year.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.24.2014 by blau
(Pizzles.) Not long after I got all smug about passing someone sponsored by the raw food restaurant in town, a dude wearing leather trousers sped by me, and soon after that, I spotted a woman ahead of me in hiking boots.
Quite Contrary: Beachy — 08.22.2014 by maryann
Our beach lunch today was kind of a disaster. (mostly photos)
Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.22.2014 by blau
(Singles by Eddie Murphy.) As soon as I go into an airport, I get whatever plague's going.
Awfully Chipper: My imaginary third child — 08.21.2014 by Maud_Gonne
For some reason, three will always feel like the "right" number to me.
Quite Contrary: Party People — 08.21.2014 by maryann
The baby fell asleep on her lunch tray today.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.21.2014 by blau
(Magnetism.) Casanova? More like, CasaNOguy
Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.20.2014 by blau
(Dénouement.) I am not good at forcing joy in that specific meme way, and also life is more balanced, with lows and highs, all the time, and that's just dandy.
Chaos Attraction: A Long Update — 08.19.2014 by Jennifer
I don't think flaneur really counts as a job title. Or for that matter, a job.
Awfully Chipper: Unsmart — 08.19.2014 by Maud_Gonne
I'm not an early adopter; not yet a luddite.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.19.2014 by blau
(Pachyderms.) My dream memory of Birmingham is equal parts Miyazaki, Bladerunner, reality, and miscellaneous.
Awfully Chipper: Italia — 08.15.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Does the photograph seal the memory or steal its soul?
Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.15.2014 by blau
(Edina.) It's been a long-ass 24 hours (actually 19). Five cities in three countries to get where I am now: In the kitchen of a student flat, drinking tea and eating discount bourbon creams.
Awfully Chipper: Entirely predictable existential crisis — 08.14.2014 by Maud_Gonne
My baby's going to school. There's an existential crisis for that.
Awfully Chipper: Worth it — 08.13.2014 by Maud_Gonne
I know it's awful to admit that you were slightly dreading a lovely trip to Italy, but , well, I was a bit. Turns out, though...
Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.12.2014 by blau
(Vaguely Scottish staff.) Dark, sweet, and very, very funny. Just how I likes it.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.8.2014 by blau
(Internet acronyms.) European robins are good at acting on feelings that I’ve had about certain customers all week.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.6.2014 by blau
(Formatting mono/dialogue.) "No, really, I work here."
Chaos Attraction: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted (Or Not) — 08.5.2014 by Jennifer
Because apparently it'll be the last vacation ever, one way or another. Guilt, guilt, guilt.
Quite Contrary: Sleep Experiments — 08.5.2014 by maryann
I declared this experiment well intentioned, but unproductive. He agreed and handed over the baby.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 08.3.2014 by blau
(Tpying correctly.) What is so important that you need email updates from a soft drink company?
Chaos Attraction: Much Ado — 08.2.2014 by Jennifer
I think you just can't act out what you are saying as pointedly IRL, you need to be on a stage and that's the fun of it. You can't act things out quite as amusingly until you are in a live performance. I think I just want to be a ham, basically.
Quite Contrary: Recommitted — 07.31.2014 by maryann
I just cannot pass Baby Music Class without one-on-one remedial tutoring. I have the enthusiasm/lack of shame and music memorization skills of a former camp counselor. What I do not have is musical ability, basic coordination or rhythm.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 07.30.2014 by blau
(The spirit of Tuco.) An early foray into my destined glamorous showbiz life.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 07.29.2014 by blau
(The ancients.) All the lovely messages about being so proud of this stranger, and missing her, will get filed to some grouchy, grandmotherless person's spam folder.
Awfully Chipper: Laundry Day — 07.27.2014 by Maud_Gonne
But the best kind of laundry day.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 07.24.2014 by planetmort
Endurance sports: surprisingly helpful at dealing with a long telecon.
Awfully Chipper: Little feckers — 07.23.2014 by Maud_Gonne
No, not my children. The little feckers in question are those tiny floaty winged annoying sort.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 07.21.2014 by blau
(Helpful hypocrisy.) Man-on-man action ≠ Insta-AIDS! Crazy, right?
Chaos Attraction: Pride and Prejudice — 07.21.2014 by Jennifer
More specifically, they were putting it on at this fantastic old Victorian house that's owned by a winery.
Awfully Chipper: Summer — 07.16.2014 by Maud_Gonne
We're past the halfway point and rolling down to vacation.
Awfully Chipper: The Daily Introvert — 07.14.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Lessons in parenting an introvert.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 07.14.2014 by blau
(Introducing 'bleuf' to the English language) Should have sent a shopping list ahead of time, like some kind of demanding mother-in-law in a clichéd-as-f*** sitcom.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 07.13.2014 by planetmort
I lost last year.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 07.11.2014 by planetmort
Training bras, and remote controlled dinosaurs. And a confused mom.
Awfully Chipper: A rebounding balancing act — 07.11.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Mabel does gym camp.
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