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Chaos Attraction: I Won An Award! — 04.16.2014 by Jennifer
I did win an award after all!
Chaos Attraction: Auto Mechanics Class, Week Three — 04.16.2014 by Jennifer
The girl who got her oil changed was REALLY proud of herself afterwards and said it made more sense when you were doing it yourself. I kinda wished I had done that. (Second of two)
Awfully Chipper: April Fools (Me Every Time) — 04.15.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Deceived by the weather, just like every damn year.
Awfully Chipper: Ode to suburbia — 04.12.2014 by Maud_Gonne
The blossoms are out and I'm remembering why this is a really nice place to live.
Awfully Chipper: Non-native — 04.9.2014 by Maud_Gonne
My poor children do suffer from having parents who don't always speak the vernacular.
Chaos Attraction: Auto Mechanics Class, Week Two — 04.9.2014 by Jennifer
Yes, I live in the one town ever where people ride their bikes to the car class. (Second of two)
Still Waters Run No Mills — 04.7.2014 by planetmort
Letting it go, on a the marathon course.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 04.3.2014 by planetmort
Crewing a 100 mile race.
Awfully Chipper: Surprises — 04.3.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Sometimes your kids surprise you. And sometimes they surprise you in a good way.
Chaos Attraction: Auto Mechanics Class, Week One — 04.2.2014 by Jennifer
I did not think I would ever be checking the websites of obscure army-navy or tractor supply stores for these things, but here I am doing that. (First of two. Second entry talks about abuse, so trigger warning is in effect.)
Chaos Attraction: Cambria — 03.31.2014 by Jennifer
It was a lovely brief vacation. Too bad I had to come home, eh?
Awfully Chipper: Entertainment value — 03.30.2014 by Maud_Gonne
My children have now discovered Minecraft parodies of Let it Go on YouTube.
Awfully Chipper: Light relief — 03.28.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Adorable or ghoulish? You decide.
Awfully Chipper: The trouble with writing parenting articles — 03.26.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Things are all getting a bit meta up around here.
Chaos Attraction: Spring Break Week — 03.26.2014 by Jennifer
Monica called to leave her a message and for whatever reason, had a massive brain fart and kept saying MY name instead of Emily's. DEAR GOD, YOU PROBABLY COULDN'T HAVE MADE THAT ONE ANY WORSE.
Awfully Chipper: Super(non)taster — 03.25.2014 by Maud_Gonne
A supertaster is not the same thing as a super tater. Just in case you weren't clear.
Awfully Chipper: Words beget words — 03.21.2014 by Maud_Gonne
I used to be afraid I'd use up all my words. But there are always more words.
Awfully Chipper: Where I am — 03.19.2014 by Maud_Gonne
If you're wondering why I'm not posting here so much at the moment.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 03.17.2014 by planetmort
Questions, questions. We love to ask questions.
Chaos Attraction: The Musical Title Is Accurate — 03.12.2014 by Jennifer
Awfully Chipper: Just us, then? — 03.10.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Pretty random stuff. Legs, milk, rear-view mirrors.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 03.9.2014 by planetmort
A twisted ankle, and an epic run. Or hike, more like.
Chaos Attraction: I Got Nominated For An Award! — 03.7.2014 by Jennifer
Today I got nominated for a community service award by the CC. When I saw the e-mail I busted out laughing for five minutes. I had my boss come over to look and she gave me a hug and said she'd put it in my file. My boss is awesome. (Second of two.)
Awfully Chipper: Non-compact disc — 03.7.2014 by Maud_Gonne
The state of my back. Not very exciting, sorry.
Not Travelling At Speed - Catchup after Busselton — 03.6.2014 by kju
Also, the turn-around point marshal for the 21.1K distance apparently decided that he wanted to sit in the shade and moved the turnaround point 100m up the road, which took the 21.1K to 21.5K
Awfully Chipper: — 03.6.2014 by Maud_Gonne
My new venture.
Chaos Attraction: Writing Inadequacy — 03.5.2014 by Jennifer
I didn't really want it to be a story with depth and meaning (again, this is about a horny humping cat), especially when there wasn't any to have in the first place.
Chaos Attraction: Pantheacon, Day 1 — 03.5.2014 by Jennifer
There was also two singalongs with ALLLLLL the verses of "A Wizard's Staff Has A Knob On The End" and "The Hedgehog Can Never Be Buggered At All" printed out for us, though we didn't sing all nineteen of the last one. (First of four entries on this topic.)
Awfully Chipper: My day in Upworthy headlines — 03.4.2014 by Maud_Gonne
This Woman Has A Blog: You Won't Believe Her Latest Post!
Awfully Chipper: To my children — 02.28.2014 by Maud_Gonne
An attack of horrifyingly mawkish sentimentality.
Awfully Chipper: Life, apparently — 02.27.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Aspirational. If I want to be.
Awfully Chipper: Thin skin — 02.26.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Parenting, ageing, hearing the news.
Awfully Chipper: Little house, big woods — 02.25.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Reading Laura Ingalls Wilder for the first time.
Awfully Chipper: Banana butterscotch muffins — 02.24.2014 by Maud_Gonne
With a healthier twist.
Awfully Chipper: Saturday night — 02.23.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Bedtime shenanigans.
Awfully Chipper: Dinner music — 02.21.2014 by Maud_Gonne
A quick quiz with dinner.
Awfully Chipper: Assertiveness training — 02.20.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Not the outcome I expected from the parent-teacher conference.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 02.19.2014 by planetmort
Eighteen miles of trail running.
Awfully Chipper: Information overload — 02.18.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Decision-making and the second child.
Awfully Chipper: White stuff — 02.17.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Enough already with this wintery winter.
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