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Not Travelling At Speed: Unstable — 07.17.2015 by kju
He got me to point at the general area where it was sore, then took my right foot in both hands, one on the heel and one cupping the toes. He compressed my foot and if I recall correctly he tried to twist it. There was no pain, and I said so. He said “Then it’s not a stress fracture, because there is no way I’d be able to do that otherwise”.
Not Travelling At Speed: Broken before I started — 07.17.2015 by kju
So when I felt muscles move that hadn’t moved in a while, I should have known I was on a path to doom.
Chaos Attraction: A Good Day — 07.8.2015 by Jennifer
So I had the job interview today. It went well.
Chaos Attraction: Sunday and Monday — 07.8.2015 by Jennifer
so my mosaic class was supposed to start today...on the day after a holiday weekend. Naturally, nobody's mentally in the swing of dealing with that.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 06.30.2015 by planetmort
A very boring post about wearing glasses again.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 06.29.2015 by planetmort
In which I sign up for a 10 day silent meditation retreat.
Chaos Attraction: Improv Games Workshop — 06.28.2015 by Jennifer
My favorite was “Hats Dating Service” or something like that, where everyone put on silly hats and said horribly funny “sexy” things.
Quite Contrary: Happiest of Days — 06.27.2015 by maryann
The story of that time nearly thirty years ago that my sister scandalized a church.
Chaos Attraction: Improv Jam #2 — 06.26.2015 by Jennifer
One fish brought pellets and I went over and pecked at them, then said "wrong kind of pellets." The fish was all, "yeah, those are my poo." I was all, "ew, I only eat my own poo!"
Chaos Attraction: Improv Lab, Visit 2 — 06.25.2015 by Jennifer
"This is the first time I've ever seen someone eat the baby."
Chaos Attraction: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places: Musical Improv — 06.20.2015 by Jennifer
Tonight's "You! The Musical" show was titled "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places." (Runner up titles were "Drinking Alone" and "My Nanny, The Monkey.") It turned out to be about movie rental services.
Chaos Attraction: Improv Jam #1 — 06.19.2015 by Jennifer
And I couldn't help but notice that this dude was literally on every team, in pretty much every scene. I wasn't sure what to make of that.
Chaos Attraction: Vacation Journal Entries, June 10-15 — 06.19.2015 by Jennifer
Chaos Attraction: Vacation Journal Entries, June 6-9 — 06.19.2015 by Jennifer
Anyway...I am a complete downer as a human being and I really liked the optimism of this. Go figure. I want to own this movie and watch it when I'm down.
Warping minds, one explosion at a time — 06.13.2015 by FXWizard
You’ve probably heard of the saying, “Those who can’t do, teach?” Well, you’d better hope that isn’t the case because as of this year I am now certified by the Explosives Regulatory Division (ERD) of Natural Resources Canada (NRC) to teach the Display Fireworks and Special Effects Pyrotechnics courses as part of the national licensing program.
Office Bob: Bright lights and late nights — 06.7.2015 by FXWizard
I remember one night shoot where I was attending a smoke machine and a fan, my job being to keep both operating and to change the angle of the fan if the wind shifted. Fortunately (?) there was no change in wind direction so I didn’t have much to do, but at one point the FX co-ordinator came on the radio to tell me that the director loved what I was doing and to keep it up. Um, okay, sure…
Not Travelling At Speed: Where to start — 06.7.2015 by kju
Mid-course during swim training I managed to sprain a facet joint in my neck so I had been visiting a physiotherapist near work for my neck three times a week, plus the physiotherapist near home on Saturday for my shins. Needless to say my physiotherapy benefit on my health insurance swiftly ran out.
Megan knows arse-all about.. — 06.3.2015 by blau
(Literary marriages.) Nope, this isn’t about bestiality fanfic either.
Chaos Attraction: The Creepiest, Most Disturbing, Scariest Show I've Ever Seen — 06.1.2015 by Jennifer
After this presentation in which they tell you how your phone and all computers are constantly stalking you and squealing on you to the NSA like it's Russia, do you WANT A flash drive from strangers?
Chaos Attraction: Attraction Mermaids, Rabbits, Vampire Penguins, Attack Nipples — 06.1.2015 by Jennifer
at one point he utterly derailed by randomly going on about how last night Eric pointed out his nipples ah, "stand out", and now he can't think of anything else but, apparently.
Chaos Attraction: Improv Lab, Visit 1 — 05.28.2015 by Jennifer
"I'm a Californian! I didn't know we were going to the White House! I would have worn nicer clothes than this!"
Chaos Attraction: Improv 101 Graduation Peformance: Slaughter The Cow — 05.17.2015 by Jennifer
"I probably would have moved on to something with rainbows at that point!"
Chaos Attraction: Improv 101, Week Eight: Choreographed Chaos — 05.13.2015 by Jennifer
"I want you to fail this shit up on Saturday."
Chaos Attraction: A Lot Of People Kinda Hate Mother's Day Too — 05.11.2015 by Jennifer
Yes, that was a bunch of moms saying it. Specifically saying that their moms are unhappy with them no matter what they do, they complain all day, their sons get off the hook while the mothers have to put on Pretty Pretty Princess Day....
Chaos Attraction: Every Year There's Disappointment — 05.11.2015 by Jennifer
Every year I brutally disappoint and fail her, every year we have this fight, every year crying ensues, and I end up leaving angry messages on my shrink's voice mail.
Chaos Attraction: Crazy Drug Stories — 05.8.2015 by Jennifer
And I also found out some super great stories about a now-retired coworker who apparently came into work stoned back in the day. Which led to the remark of "Is that why she kept falling asleep all the time?" As in not only under her desk, but also ON THE TOILET.
Chaos Attraction: An Evening With Dan Savage — 05.7.2015 by Jennifer
And then the Ph.D student finished up by asking for a threesome with Dan and Dan's husband.
Chaos Attraction: Improv 101, Week 7: Kill Butterflies — 05.6.2015 by Jennifer
And when he landed on the other guy's back, I got up the nerve to punch the butterfly in the face. I LOVED THAT. Brian's commentary was that "The way you become unusual in this scene is kill butterflies."
Chaos Attraction: Carnivale Expo Weekend — 05.4.2015 by Jennifer
There were some very cool ladies in there, the sorts of people I wish I could hang out with if our lives ever overlapped. But they don't, so oh well.
Chaos Attraction: Improv 101 Week Six: Knives, Babies, Angry Cats. — 04.29.2015 by Jennifer
"If you're going to shoot somebody, shoot the grounded character."
Chaos Attraction: The Birthday Weekend — 04.29.2015 by Jennifer
It does take place in a bar, and they let the audience walk onstage and order booze. I did that and got whoooooooo drunk just sitting in my seat. (I become a Woo Girl when drunk, apparently.)
Chaos Attraction: Improv 101 Week Five: You Always Edit On Kim Kardashian — 04.22.2015 by Jennifer
Though for once, I'm not super beating myself up about this sort of thing. I'm supposed to suck right now, eh? (P.S. I'm so amused at the coincidence of the post before this one...I swear I didn't notice before posting or writing!)
Megan knows arse-all about.. — 04.21.2015 by blau
(Most frequently quoted bits of Peter’s Friends.) The Kardashians, who are otherwise lacking in myriad important human areas, are bajillionaires on the back (and butt) of that. It’s depressing.
Chaos Attraction: The Douche And I — 04.20.2015 by Jennifer
Anyway, they did some incredibly funny/dirty "I Want" songs, eventually leading to the Frisbee competition where Chad fought off Mother Mary with Frisbees and later Axe body spray.
Chaos Attraction: Who, Me, Bitter? — 04.20.2015 by Jennifer
I'm at a complete loss as to how anyone would call this office expecting that someone here would know about how to do welding.
Megan knows arse-all about.. — 04.16.2015 by blau
(Woo.) There is HUGE value in not doing anything sometimes. But I was doing too much nothing.
Chaos Attraction: Improv 101 Week Four: The Substitute Teacher — 04.15.2015 by Jennifer
"Who's that chicken I want to choke?"
Awfully Chipper: Sixteen to nothing — 04.14.2015 by Maud_Gonne
Dash's team did not win at baseball on Sunday.
Chaos Attraction: The Other Half Of The Show — 04.12.2015 by Jennifer
I have also learned that (a) winkies are BAD, mmkay? and (b) even the younguns don't know what the hell the random emojis mean. "She sent me horse emojis, what does it mean? Does she like me?!"
Chaos Attraction: Two Hits And A Miss — 04.12.2015 by Jennifer
The best part was, well, when a giant piece of foam and the blanket....mate with each other.
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