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Still Waters Run No Mills — 07.24.2014 by planetmort
Endurance sports: surprisingly helpful at dealing with a long telecon.
Awfully Chipper: Little feckers — 07.23.2014 by Maud_Gonne
No, not my children. The little feckers in question are those tiny floaty winged annoying sort.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 07.21.2014 by blau
(Helpful hypocrisy.) Man-on-man action ≠ Insta-AIDS! Crazy, right?
Chaos Attraction: Pride and Prejudice — 07.21.2014 by Jennifer
More specifically, they were putting it on at this fantastic old Victorian house that's owned by a winery.
Awfully Chipper: Summer — 07.16.2014 by Maud_Gonne
We're past the halfway point and rolling down to vacation.
Awfully Chipper: The Daily Introvert — 07.14.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Lessons in parenting an introvert.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 07.14.2014 by blau
(Introducing 'bleuf' to the English language) Should have sent a shopping list ahead of time, like some kind of demanding mother-in-law in a clichéd-as-f*** sitcom.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 07.13.2014 by planetmort
I lost last year.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 07.11.2014 by planetmort
Training bras, and remote controlled dinosaurs. And a confused mom.
Awfully Chipper: A rebounding balancing act — 07.11.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Mabel does gym camp.
Awfully Chipper: Reverse shoplifting... — 07.9.2014 by Maud_Gonne
... and orange squishies.
Chaos Attraction: It's Hallmark Christmas Keepsake Week! — 07.7.2014 by Jennifer
So the Hallmark Channel is having, just in time for the Fourth of July, is having "Christmas Keepsake Week." Which means... ALL CHRISTMAS EPISODES, ALL THE TIME! IN JULY! (Second of two.)
Awfully Chipper: Knit you — 07.3.2014 by Maud_Gonne
We're hard-core crafting over here. It's like snow days all over again.
Chaos Attraction: Cher — 07.3.2014 by Jennifer
"I can still get back into my Turn Back Time costume. Take that, Katy Perry."(Second of two)
Awfully Chipper: Pandora's Potter — 07.1.2014 by Maud_Gonne
We've started reading Harry Potter. It turns out to be a bit of a Pandora's Box.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 06.29.2014 by blau
(Alabaster.) So pinchy. I got chafed just turning around to look in the dressing room mirror.
Awfully Chipper: Birthday cobbler — 06.29.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Cobbler instead of cake? Who's to stop me?
Megan knows arse-all about... — 06.28.2014 by blau
(Rose Nylund in a parking garage.) Sometimes I forget the reality of why I am keeping a close eye on some dude on a rusty BMX slowly creeping down the sidewalks. It shouldn't be (just?) to wonder how anyone came ride with their seat so low or wonder if I'm going to get a from-five-feet-away contact high off his weed stank.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 06.26.2014 by blau
(The most wonderful time of the year.) When it’s above, say, 25°C, I lose all interest and start missing my cardigans.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 06.25.2014 by blau
(Rips.) If that isn’t some of the stupidest, most privileged first world bullcraps ever, I don’t know what is. I want to punch myself.
Chaos Attraction: Don't Let Unepxected Situations Throw You — 06.24.2014 by Jennifer
Awfully Chipper: What I miss — 06.24.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Because I can never resist a writing prompt.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 06.23.2014 by blau
(Bosley Crowther.) At least, like, treat me as an individual, and maybe think before you invite me to your friend's friend's band's show in another town/country/hemisphere?
Quite Contrary — 06.23.2014 by maryann
Eat nothing but the prescription diet. Get the cat to bring us a mouse so we can look at its entrails for clues...
Chaos Attraction: Other People's Romances — 06.22.2014 by Jennifer
Seriously, if you remove the art and extend the timeline and put one of them in jail, it's VERY reminiscent. If you like reading epistolary romance, you should definitely pick this one up.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 06.22.2014 by planetmort
Fear on the bike, and starting up again.
Awfully Chipper: Genetics — 06.21.2014 by Maud_Gonne
The older I get the more obvious it seems to me that I'm turning into my mother. But how far, exactly, does that extend?
Chaos Attraction: Staycation 2: Mary Blair, Hair, More Therapy, Photos, and Pirates — 06.19.2014 by Jennifer
I don't think it was as traumatizing to her as the time we went to the How Weird Street Faire (and this time nobody offered her pot), but she still seemed somewhat traumatized that *gasp* people might actually dress up like pirates at a pirate festival. Who woulda thunk?!?!
Chaos Attraction: Staycation 1: Tie-Dye, Lectures, Desert Bluffs, Shopping, Therapy, Henry VII — 06.19.2014 by Jennifer
We were seeing Henry the Eighth, which was....intimidating. This is one of the most bipolar characters in English history. One moment he's cheerful and having fun and making jokes and the next minute he's snarling and his eyes are bugging the fuck out of his head and he's TERRIFYING.
Quite Contrary: Lamentations and Reassurances — 06.19.2014 by maryann
It's a miserable dance, but not nearly so bad as what the dog is going through.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 06.18.2014 by blau
(Västerås.) It made me cringe at how awful being 13 years old can be, and how ridiculous all 13-year-olds are.
Awfully Chipper: Swimmy fishies — 06.17.2014 by Maud_Gonne
My children have turned into fish.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 06.13.2014 by blau
(Reuniting the Beatles.) I wrote the first draft in a hotel in New York. Not the Chelsea or the Waldorf, but a Ramada in a sketchy bit of Midtown while on a family vacation.
Awfully Chipper: I think this is called falling before the first fence — 06.13.2014 by Maud_Gonne
The summer vacation begins.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 06.12.2014 by blau
(Stanley Tucci movies.) Even though it took an age to get them in, and to clean up after them, the cheery wee “Thank you” chorus when they left made it worth it. Mostly.
Awfully Chipper: Begin as you mean to go on — 06.11.2014 by Maud_Gonne
Crafting, baking, learning Italian... what are your plans for the summer?
Awfully Chipper: Era's end — 06.10.2014 by Maud_Gonne
The end of an era for Mabel and for the whole family.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 06.10.2014 by blau
(Diligence.) Also, there’s that whole work/life balance thing, that I’m generally able to maintain. If by ‘life’, you mean ‘f***ing about on the internet’ and ‘knitting things while watching old episodes of QI’.
Awfully Chipper: The cool kids — 06.8.2014 by Maud_Gonne
I had the most enlightening conversation with Dash about second grade.
Not Travelling At Speed - Meditative Breathing — 06.8.2014 by kju
Out, Out, In. Out, Out.

That's my breathing pattern when I run. At least, that's what I hear in my head. I'm conscious that there is an intake after each of those 5 beat rhythms but I don't hear it - all I hear is "huh huh heer huh huh".
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